Traveling as a Profession: A Glimpse into the life of Robin Esrock

Traveling as a Profession: A Glimpse into the life of Robin Esrock

Robin Esrock has accomplished a long list of things in life. One of them is turning traveling into a profession. He has visited over 100 countries and made this passion a successful job. After traveling around the world, he chose Burnaby4 in Canada to settle down. Let’s explore how his journey started, and some of his achievements.

Before becoming a Professional Traveler

Robin Esrock was born in Johannesburg in South Africa. He began working for the SL Feldman and Associates firm, as part of the music industry. None of what we are about to tell would have happened if he had not had an accident during this time. He broke his kneecap, and as a result, he settled for 20 thousand dollars.

With that kind of money, he was ready to follow his real passion, traveling. Not that he could live forever with 20 thousand dollars, but it was a start. He went cheap, with just a backpack. Around the same time, he began his career as a writer for the Vancouver Sun, plus an active website.


Turning Traveling into a Profession

His journey as traveler and writer lead to Julia Dimon. They met in Koycegiz, Turkey. Together they came out with the idea of the World Travelers TV Series. They filmed in 36 different countries, and the series was a huge success.

Other jobs included the production of Getting Stuffed, based in the previous series. He is recognized as a travel expert, writing for Forbes, Travel, and Leisure, and with several appearances as a travel expert on TV shows.



Robin Esrock has been named a Gear Junkie’s Outdoor Ambassador. This title is given to the most remarkable athletes, inventors, and adventurers that lived in the last 110 years and work to make a difference. Robin falls into the adventurers’ category, as he is considered an expert in traveling.

In 2013, Robin won an award for the Best Online Video. This award was given by the Canadian Tourism Commission, as part of Winnipeg’s Go Media Awards.

His books also have remarkable achievements. Dundurn Press edited his book The Great Canadian Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences. It was well received by the audience in Canada and reached the first place in sales in

Robin is also recognized as one of the remarkable people from Burnaby. Although he was born in South Africa, this city is now his home.

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